Amir Hashmi Photography Workshop

Whether you choose to participate in a two-day, five-day or a ten-day workshop, all of my workshops place the greatest emphasis on the following: Idea Creation, Developing a vision, learning to ‘see’, what should not take, composition, lens choices, point of view, and a full understanding of photography.

What should you shoot RAW or JPEG, what is white Balance should you use, why is a tripod necessary, when should you use those extreme ISO’s like 3200 or 6400, is your camera safe in the rain, when should you use the filters, when should you use the 3-stop graduated filter and much more! We really do cover it all and on a personal and individual need basis!
This single philosophy of helping you create amazing images is perhaps why more than 80% of my students have returned to take, on average, three additional workshops, after they take their first one. They really do have the much fun and they really do learn a great deal in the process! Below you can read just a small sampling comments from the many students who have taken Amir Hashmi Photography.

“Book a Workshop”

A deposit is required to hold your spot on all workshops offered. Your final payment of the “balance due” for every workshop must be paid on or before workshop. Payment methods accepted: CASH, PAYTM, D.D.

“Waiting List”

When a workshop is full, you can e-mail me directly at and ask to put you on the wait list. If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted as soon as possible to be offered the spot!

“Cancellation Policy”

If you cancel 6 days or more prior to a workshop’s inception, you will receive a full refund of the deposit paid.
If you cancel 5 days or less prior to a workshop’s inception, no refund(s) will be issued.

“Photography Walk”

The morning before each workshop, we will meet at the designated location for approximately an hour or so to introduce and share a little bit about ourselves, get acquainted, what equipment we shoot with, workshop expectations and most importantly the proposed agenda for the coming days based on current weather and local events.

I look forward to working with you, re-connecting with old friends and making new ones!
Urge Independent Photographers, College/Universities of Mass Communications & Cinema to be conducted.

Amir Hashmi
Film-maker/Workshop Leader